Intelligent Transport Solutions

Intelligent Transport Solutions

by genyztransport

Genyz Transport Solution has worked with clients such as Centro and innovITS ADVANCE in the UK to deliver to deliver a range of transport applications and services underpinned by Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). These include Real time Passenger Information (RTPI) Platform for Centro and a Communications and Communications Denial System (CCDS) for the innovITS ADVANCE facility.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) offer a range of solutions based on Information and Communication Technologies that are applied to all areas of transport including operations, logistics, network and asset management and enforcement in order to achieve improved safety, reduced congestion and bring about social, economic and environmental benefits. The ability to make the most efficient use of transport assets has become imperative as it is now obvious that increasing capacity through large scale infrastructure expansion programmes is not a sustainable long term solution.

There is a growing need to adopt policies that manage demand and make optimum use of existing transport assets. Advances in information and communication technologies are now such that ITS offer genuine alternative approaches for government or its transport authority to meet this challenge. By applying ITS, it is possible to proactively monitor current traffic, anticipate future demand and provide decision based tools to help manage transport assets across wide geographic boundaries.

Our skills apply to supply or network expansion solutions as well as to travel demand management strategies. We are global leaders in transport technology delivery across all modes and offer services such as research, planning, procurement, software development, systems integration, construction management, operations, maintenance, enforcement and asset management at strategic levels. Some of our recent activities in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems include:

  • Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC)Systems
  • Active Traffic Management and Managed Motorways
  • Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)
  • Sensor Based Traffic Counting
  • Machine -to- Machine Communication
  • Bus Traffic Light Priority and Selective Vehicle Detection
  • Traffic Light Control Junctions (SCOOT, MOVA)

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