Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Information Services

Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Information Services

by genyztransport

Monitoring day to day traffic flow level is essential to effective traffic management. Traditionally this has been carried out using CCTV camera installed at strategic locations along the length of the road being monitored with people actively viewing traffic flow from control centres. In an era of cost cutting and efficiency savings by government departments, better, cost effective measures of monitoring traffic are required.

Genyz Transport Solutions has teamed up with technical partners to implement innovative and cost effective traffic counting, traffic monitoring, incident detection and derivative applications such as traveller information services.

For example we have worked with Cellint Traffic Solutions, a global pioneer in providing traffic information systems based on mobile networks. Cellint’s proprietary, patented technology; TrafficSense utilizes pattern matching analysis on anonymous, real-time data extracted from the signalling links of mobile networks for all active mobile phones. Using the Cellint’s TrafficSense platform it is now possible monitor both main roads and arterial roads for a fraction of the cost of using other detection techniques such as ANPR, Inductive loops and radar based systems. Also, there is additional benefit in terms of the quality and processing of this high resolution traffic data.

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