Client Projects

Client Projects

by genyztransport


We consulted for the innovITS ADVANCE consortium on the Communications and Communications Denial Solution. This involved the design and implementation of a flexible communications infrastructure supporting a range of communication technogies including GSM, GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi and Differential GPS. This innovITS ADVANCE site is the first ITS centre of excellence of its kind in Europe. The work started with stakeholder engagements followed by a requirement gathering exercise from experts and users of Intelligent Transport Systems and solutions from the telecoms, highways and automobile sectors. Based on the information gathered and our knowledge of designing similar systems, we developed a detailed specification for the solution. Our work continued through the procurement, design and systems delivery phases of the project as the client side Consultant.

Highways Agency (HA), United Kingdom

Genyz has worked collaboratively with a range of HA employed suppliers to deliver the projects listed below. Our works on these projects include ITS tools development, simulations, network operations and performance management.

  • Managed Motorway Schemes on M42 Hard Shoulder Running and Variable Speed limit Setting
  • Evaluation of inductive loop and radar based traffic incident Detection Solutions
  • Road network performance improvements (South East TechMAC)
  • Traffic Operation projects (South East TechMAC)
  • Integrated Demand management
  • Cross boundary congestion management (CoMoCo – South East, England)

Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom

  • Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) Major Scheme , West Midlands
  • Traffic Operations Decision Support Tool Design, Development and Project Management
  • Economic Benefit Analysis of Interventions (Average Vehicle Delay Calculations)

CENTRO, Integrated Transport Authority, United Kingdom

  • ITS strategy development for the West Midlands region, UK
  • Coventry Real Time Information Systems Improvement
  • Coventry Strategic Bus Traffic Light Priority solution development
  • Delivery of Integrated Transport Knowledge Base and related applications

Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA)

Genyz was contracted to develop the first formal training curriculum and programme for LASTMA operatives. This was develop and delivered in conjunction with Bailey Cole consulting in Lagos, Nigeria.

Transport Research Laboratory (TRL)

Genyz Transport Solutions worked with UK’s leading transport research consultancy to deliver a range of ITS traffic management tool such as the Dynamic Road space Utilization Manager (DRUM); the world’s leading and award winning software for efficient road space management during road construction work for reduced traffic impact. Genyz was employed to carry out rigorous pre-release testing of this software to ensure it conforms to international quality standards. Genyz also helped designed a Decision Support Tool for intelligent traffic management by control centre based traffic operators as part of TRL’s Deliverables on the West Midlands UTC Major Scheme.