Connected Car Solution

Connected Car Solution

by genyztransport

The availability of connectivity services in the automobile space is creating a paradigm shift in terms of the way people interact with their cars. The prevalence of new mobility services such as car sharing and ride hailing and ride sharing application made possible via mobile apps also mean that ownership patterns are changing. Furthermore, regulatory requirements in terms of emissions, eCall and similar presents both challenges and threat to the sector. With such significant disruption in the automobile sector, OEMs must innovate and adapt to remain competitive. Once area in which they can cease the initiative is in the offer of connectivity services. As individual customers now expects to be able to track their journeys and remotely initiate control command their car’s companion mobile app, OEMs must respond to such customer expectation with superior solutions. For the B2B or corporate customer segment, the ability to manage their fleet through features such as dynamic assignment and routing as well the ability as remotely validate the health of each car within their fleet are seen as paramount.

Also, a range of new mobility services and applications such as Car sharing, Pay As You Drive (PAYD), Pay How You Drive (PAHD) are turning the car into commodities with emphasis on integrated mobility. OEMs must of necessity position themselves to be able to take advantage of this reality where there is a gradual shift of their business models from manufacturing and sales to include provision of mobility service and thus creating new or derived revenue streams from such services.

How Genyztransport Can Help

Implementing connected vehicle solution involves many challenges which range from setting strategy, developing global feature set, System design, business model development, organization redesign, selecting suppliers, product development, operation and support. Genyz Transport Solution, has the expertise to help you navigate the complexities surround the solution delivery lifecycle and help you create a connect car offering that will be the envy of the industry.

Regardless of where you are in the process, our world leading connected vehicles experts can help you shape, design and launch your product. Our years of experience in delivering seamless end to end connectivity solutions will help you shorten the learning curve and help you deliver the perfect solution to your customers quickly and at reasonable cost.

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