Experience and Projects

Experience and Projects

by genyztransport

Genyz Transport Solutions carries out its work in a way that ensures clients receive results that not only meet the project-specification, but are also geared towards rapid and effective implementation. Our breadth of expertise and facilities, with world acknowledged independence, provides clients with a knowledge based capability across the whole transport field, and brings the multi-disciplinary approach needed to generate effective solutions. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Road Network Operations
  • Managed Motorways
  • Traffic Control and Congestion Management
  • Strategic Planning and procurement support
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Solutions Consulting
  • Traffic Operation Systems and Software
  • Traffic Enforcement Solutions
  • Traffic Data Solutions
  • Training and Project Management

To date we have been involved with the major projects in both the public and private transport sectors.

Public Sector Projects

Genyz has participated in high profile government projects such as Managed Motorways, Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC), Real Time Traveller information and many other passenger public transport schemes. Some of the public organizations that has benefited from our high valued services include.

Centro Integrated Transport Authority UK:

We delivered

  • ITS strategy development for the West Midlands region, UK
  • Coventry Real Time Information Systems Improvement
  • Coventry Strategic Bus Traffic Light Priority solution development
  • Delivery of Integrated Transport Knowledge Base and related application

Department for Transport (DfT)

Genyz Transport Solution worked with the Department for Transport (DfT)  on

  • Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) Major Scheme , West Midlands
  • Traffic Operations Decision Support Tool Design, Development and Project Management
  • Economic Benefit Analysis of Interventions (Average Vehicle Delay Calculations)

Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA).

We develop the first formal training curriculum and programme for LASTMA operatives. This was develop and delivered in conjunction with other stakeholders.

Private Sector Projects

Genyz has delivered many outstanding projects for clients in the private sector such as the communication system designed for the most advanced telematics test centre in Europe. Some of our esteemed clients in the private sector are the InnovITS, ADVANCE consortium, Eko Water Buses and Transport Research Laboratory.