Genyz Academy

Genyz Academy

by genyztransport

Genyz academy has been created to help manage, nurture and increase the relevance of our science, engineering and research based activities in a way that promotes the quality of our work and enhances our reputation in the industry as an international centre of excellence in transport research. Through the academy the knowledge we have helped to create and enhance is made widely available. This is achieved through our publications, training and certification of transport operation staff as well as through our academic partnerships.

Specific aims of Genyz Academy include:

  • Enhancing our reputation of excellence in developing genuine transport solutions through quality research and evidence based approach to project incubation, planning and delivery.
  • Developing a culture of excellence and scientific expertise in our staff
  • Serve as the focal point for Genyz academic activities, including links with universities and the professional institutions, training and professional development, studentships, university teaching and knowledge sharing
  • Enabling joint working with the academic sector so as to strengthen research and its applications; promoting and co-ordinating other academic activities; encouraging exchange relationships for staff; and utilising cross-institutional expertise to help influence new directions in transport thinking
  • Administering internally funded longer-term research programmes designed to develop the capability and knowledge that our clients will need in the longer term.

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