Genyz IoT Services

Genyz IoT Services

by genyztransport

The Internet of Things or IoT is a powerful paradigm in highway, transportation and automotive sector in that it enables not just connectivity but provides a basis for connective intelligence which can be harnessed to make our transportation systems, network and services smarter. Such intelligence helps achieve the goal of personalization of transportation and ushering in an era of mobility as a service (MaaS). By connecting our cars and vehicles to themselves and to motorway infrastructure, an era of innovative and personalized mobility services is the result.

For departments of transports, highways managers, public transport operators and automotive OEM managers IoT offers challenges and opportunities at the same time. For cities, the biggest opportunities that are open to us through IoT in transport are those that focus on data intelligence and intelligent traffic management. Cities can now have a birds-eye view of traffic across the whole network and leverage highly accurate information about travel pattern and network capacity in real time to provide accurate personalised information about delays, congestion, emergency, road works, closures and alternative route to commuters instantly and when they need it. The opportunities range from the derivation of new revenue from new services, to use of actionable intelligence to improve R&D effort as well as transforming operating cost. On the downside, organizations that are ill prepared could see their fortunes dwindle as new and more agile players introduce disruptive services to their operation.

At Genyz Transport Solutions, we can help you to take your first steps towards the application of IoT in your operations. We would work with you across the whole value chain from strategy through to implementing required solutions across your target market segment. Our solutions are your solutions as they will be driven by your values and culture while also leveraging our domain expertise to help you get it right.

Genyz IoT Services

Vehicle Telematics and connected vehicles solutions– We help you design and implement solutions that helps you to gather and communicate with your fleet of vehicles in real time thus opening up a world of opportunities. For example, you receive actionable intelligence about vehicle status, health, location, performance as well as insight on driving behaviour.

Data Intelligence– We can help you define your requirement for Big data solution and assist you in the process of implementing bespoke Big Data, Analytics and Insight generating platform. Whether you are into highways or transportation management and want to monitor and analyse traffic information on your transportation network asset or justify accurately investment in assets , our team of data scientist and engineers can help you. We help you cut through the maze of potential solutions so you can arrive at one that perfectly suits your requirement and context. We do this while you focus on running your business as we believe this is what you do best.

The internet of things will also prove to be very beneficial for the transportation industry. IoT in transport can be used to provide logistics for courier services and for long haul transportation. Absolutely everybody that benefits from the trucking and transportation industries can benefit from the introduction of IoT in transport.

How Genyztransport Can Help

Genyz Transport Solutions has expertise in Intelligent Transport Systems, Internet of Things, and connected transport. We can help to refine your IoT vision and strategy making them roburst while alos helping you to connect the dots on your way to leveraging this powerful paradigm. We can help you navigate the web of options including choice of platform, services, supplier, delivery value chain, solution architecture and operations set up.

All of our solutions can be tailored to the size and level of your current operation while ensuring they are future proof to accommodate your evolving requirement and changes. We understand that not every company in every industry needs the same solution. We also understand that needs change as a company, or even an industry, evolves. Therefore we expect that your needs needs require an adaptive solution which is able to grow alongside the business.

Genyztransport – Simplifying Your Operations Through IoT

One of the biggest attractions for IoT in transport is the ability to optimize your operations by simplifying processes on the management level. With a cloud-based system in place, your IoT system can be updated and adjusted remotely – important changes can be made and pushed out to your entire fleet effortlessly.

Genyz Transportation – Secure by Design

Moving your operation to a cloud-based IoT system can be a big security scare. Unfortunately, bringing internet-connected systems online means you need to be even more aware of potential attacks. Thus your infrastructure must be highly secure and able to withstand all known security threats. At Genyz Transport Solutions, all of our solutions are secure by design. We place security at the top of our system design philosophy ensuring that the complete solution are secure end to end.

If you’d like to learn more about what Genyztransport can offer, please contact us.