Network Performance and Data Consulting Services

Network Performance and Data Consulting Services

by genyztransport

The monitoring of road network performance is vital in the efficient operation and management of the road network in other to achieve reduced congestion levels and improve overall journey time reliability.

We measure the performance of a road network by applying the following process on collected traffic data. The eventual output provides useful information for transport planning and decision making.

  • First we evaluate and assess the suitability of traffic data obtained from a range of sources and traffic counting technologies such as loop counters, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, cameras, pneumatic tube counters, Global Position System data, Radar detectors and cellular traffic data detectors.
  • We then pre-process the various data to remove spurious and invalid data, leaving behind fairly clean data for analysis and intelligence extraction.
  • Next, data fusion techniques is applied to combine the data from multiple sources such that most reliable estimate of travel speed on the data is determine
  • Finally, quality checks are performed on the resulting data using our highly efficient data quality assurance and acceptance criteria.

The processes involved in generating meaningful information from diverse sources of traffic data requires multiple skills set including statistical analysis, scientific research, database management and data mining, software design and process documentation. Having done this for many years, our staffs are highly experienced and skilled at delivering these services.

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