Our Valued Clients

Our Valued Clients

by genyztransport

Cellint Traffic Solutions

Cellint is a leading provider of cellular based solutions for traffic information system and traffic information services. Cellint’s systems are deployed over thousands of km and tens of MSCs in the US, Europe and Middle East, with excellent results and very satisfied customers. Cellint’s cost-effective platform is used by cellular carriers, road operators, navigation providers and traffic service providers to manage vehicular traffic and provide traffic information services and applications to all types of customers.

Using Cellint’s all in one TrafficSense platform it is possible to collect traffic data, generate origin-Destination information and extract intelligence on traffic flow trends as well as disseminate the collected data as high Definition traffic and traveller information to members of the commuting public. This can be accessed via a range of platforms including web, SMS, GPRS, Interactive maps and interactive voice response platforms.